Ok I have a couple of crazy wiring ideas that I want to know if they will work. It is all for the rewiring a LP type guitar. I want to use 3 DPDT pots and a regular pot.

Idea #1

1) One DPDT pot will be standard volume then when in the down position but will coil split both humbuckers. You can switch between the coils with the pickup switch as usual.

2) Next DPDT control will control in phase and out of phase in the up position and volume in the down. In down position both pickups and coils (if split) are in phase. When pulled up all pickups are now out of phase with one another in both humbucking and coil split modes. Or just coil split if humbucking isn't possible.

3) The last DPDT pot will be a tone control in the down and a series/parallel switch. In down position all pickups will be in series. When pulled up it will switch all pickups to parallel. Or reversed.

Yeah this is crazy and I don't think it will work completely but I had to try. If it will work or only two parts of it will work please post.

Idea #2

This time there will be normal pots but two 3-way mini toggles added. Each toggle is assigned to one pickup. In up position it will split to the humbucker's north coil. In middle it will be full humbucker. In down it will switch to the humbuckers south coil.

That is the basic format for this idea. If I can push it can I use a DPDT switch for master series and parallel control or for master inphase and out of phase? If possible two DPDT pots for both options?

I am pretty sure the first part of this option will work but you never know. Post if you have any ideas.
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ur friggin nuts man. the 1st idea im certain wont work, the second, i think would, and as far as the series and parallel thing, you would have to use a spst switch to short the ground from one pickup/coil, to the hot of the other. that, while not certain, might work, as far as selecting n/s coils on your coil splits, its an excelent idea, if you can get it to work
It should work, i've seen similar idea for strats (which iare more complex with 3 pickups). Wont need to be active you just need to come up with a schematic or basic wiring diagram then post it so someone can check it out.
Damnit, your first idea is impossable. Its literally impossable to have a passive "Master Phaze" or a "Master paralel/series" switch.

Though actively it could work. :3 Want me to wip up a active set of controlls? I can also have an active tone circut aswell.

Though, your guitar WILL have to take batteries. D: (Unless you can find an ULTRA low voltage bipolar and JFET transistor)
Oh, wait, Fast Bear is right. I now realise that the controls on an LP are seprate circuits for each pickup: as in 1 volume 1 tone for neck and the same for the bridge, this means you have 2 circuis that meet at the switch.
I don't see anything as impossible, the switch is completely seperate from the pot. The volume will still be the volume, either pushed or pulled. I think both ideas are possible. I'll have to do some doodling, just to make sure.

Edit: Okay, so I've done a little doodling and here they are..

Crazy Idea 1

On this one, pulling the bridge volume will split both humbuckers.
Pulling the neck volume will put the neck pickup out of phase.
Pulling the bridge tone will put both pickups in series, but bridge will have to be selected before you pull it and both pickups will use the bridge volume and tone only.

Crazy Idea 2

On this one, theres a north/both/south switch for each pickup.
Pulling the neck volume will put the neck pickup out of phase.
Pulling the bridge volume will have both pickups in series. Same applies as Idea 1.

None of these are final, I probably need to make alterations. Like on Idea 1, it splits both humbuckers to the north coil, I probably should make one split to the south.
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Sweet. Thanks for the replies everyone. I was really skeptical about my first idea but it looks like it wasn't overkill.

First off Fast Bear if I go with active controls would that resort in me having to route part of the control cavity to house the battery? Doesn't really matter but want to know just incase. Also do active controls affect my tone in anyway?

Secondly JimPlaysGuitar.... I love you man! But seriously thanks alot for the schematics. I can't have seperate volume controls for the pickups with these but at least it gets my idea working. I can swap in a Dual Slope tone control for the master tone and then everything will be set. What happens in idea one if I pull the series pot when the bridge isn't selected? Just wanted to know. When the neck pickup is out of phase does it remain like that when split? Also if you can get the bridge pickup to split to south coil that would be great. I think it might sound better that way but not quite sure yet..
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Whell, it depends on your usage. You may have to route an area in the back of your guitar for a battery box if you find that you need to swap it out every week. But if you arn't playing 8 hours a day and remember to unplug your guitar after you are done playing you can just stick it under your pickguard. (Or even cut a section out of your pickguard designed to be taken out so you can get to the battey eazier)

Hmm... whell indirectly no, active electronics don't affect the tone, untill you use em. Passive guitar electronics can only do so much. The tone circut can only cut out frequencys in a passive system. In an active system it actually amplifies it aswell as cuts em out! Allowing more versitility in the the controlls! (And if you do it right you can get a cool wah effect with tapping and manipulating the tone knob! )
Ok, I changed it so that the bridge splits to the south coil..

Pulling the series/parellel thing while the neck pickup is selected will kill the signal, and i don't think theres a way around it.

Pull the phase thing while the pickup is split and it'll remain split, but now to the south coil, not the north. This is good cause it'll remain hum bucking when used with the bridge's south coil.
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Jimmy Page did/does it. IMO too close sounds too thin, like two pickups on a strat. Or even worse, one humbucker coil out of phase with the other one.
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Finished! I used my first idea on my friends LP when he finally decided what he wanted (he didn't want to drill any holes in his guitar for the mini switches). It's an Agile like what I want. I ended up replacing all (I mean all!) his electronics and new pickups of his choice (I forget which but I will post when I remember).

Parts Used:
-3 Audio tapered 500k LS DPDT pots
-1 Dual Slope Tone control (.1 down, .047 up Orange Drop)
-1 LS 3-way pickup selector switch
-Orange Drop Capacitors (.001)
-LP style output jack
-Shielded wiring
-Solder sucker
-Rose core solder

I built the harness outside of the guitar then put all the parts in the cavities. I had to use a dremmel to widen the pot cavity holes slightly to fit the USA components. What sucks is I didn't label everything so I had to find out what was volume and tone lol. So my first attempt was interesting because the signal was kind of weak so I thought I would actually have to go active to add strength back into the signal but that chalked up to some bad soldering at two joints. I fixed that then tried again. Signal boosted noticeably but still seemed weak as there were new higher output pups installed. So I installed the OD .001 caps in the terminals in front of each of the modded switches to give the signal a slight boost. It worked nicely and didn't give it an over powering shot.

When that was fixed and everything was in its proper position finally I tried out the harness again. Full signal this time but I had cut off's when pulling the two of the pots to up position. At this point I said f^(k this and went to sleep. Next day I looked it over and realized I crossed some wires which wasn't the end of the world. I redid that and had an issue with one more cut off but fixed that after awhile. With that fixed everything worked beautifully. So now that I finally had everything working I went through the meticulous art of replacing some wires and shortening others to clear the cavity clutter now that everything was staying put inside. In total this little mod job took dam near 7 hours of my life well wasted. I would like to do all this again but with active controls to see a tone difference if any. I already have it planed out with a custom back plate that has a battery compartment.

So here is a little review:
Takes quite a bit of soldering and wiring but a great mod. When all pots are down signal is at it's strongest in my opinion. Full and beautiful. You don't notice a drop in signal really unless you listen really really hard. Doesn't affect the tone any just like a volume drop. He got over it as he tends to play way to loud and he doesn't notice any drop. I used the neck humbucker split to north and bridge to south. Very nice coil tone out of the pickups. Sounds amazing clean from the neck coil and the bridge coil is that of a decent output humbucker. The phasing is really nice and can get some weird sounds when used with the other controls. Not weird but unique. Now here is the nice part. I guess I kind of got lucky here. If you pull the series switch while you have both humbuckers selected you can get a kill switch type effect. If you pull it from the bridge it just cuts in and out when positions are changed with pops because its not meant to be used like that I guess. I added the Dual Slope control to help even out the lose of a tone control in the guitar. I believe with some experimenting I can get control of both tone and volume but he loves it the way it is. Much simpler to operate right now anyway. All in all great mod. I will try to get him to record some sound clips for you guys but he is going on the road soon so it might be awhile. Before he does I have to work on his other guitars and make them sound as nice as they look lol.

In closing:
Thanks to everyone who gave any advice on this mod. I have another LP wiring idea in the works right now but I am going to use the mini switch one first on another guitar. I'll learn how to write up schematics so I can post some more of my ideas. If anyone has any question pm me or post please.
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