Hi, Im just about to buy my very first WAH pedal, the WAH on my AX10G is just so amazingly weak

Im currently looking at either the Ibanez WD7 Weeping demon £85 or a Morley Mark Tremonti Power WAH £99

The reviews for both pedals look very gd, Im mainly after a Satriani and Slash sound, Im just wondering if anyone can recomend the best pedal for money.
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i've never used the morley but the weeping demon is pretty damn tight, or as only i can say:

it's T-I-T tight =D

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both are great wahs, i personally think the tremonti is better, but the weeping demon is more versitial. but if youre looking for a satriani sound, look into the Dunlop 535Q, thats what he uses. ive got it too and love it. i chose it over the weeping demon and the tremonti because i dont like the auto on/off foot switch and even though the weeping has a regular on/off switch, you dont push down the foot pedal to activate it like the crybabys. theyre all great wahs, it just depends on your personal preference.
I'm not really a fan of the Tremonti "WAH", I think it's a good idea done wrong (the auto-off thing). I much prefer the 535Q and Wylde wahs.
WD-7 all the way.
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Get the Mark Tremonti!!!
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aah so many differant opinions lol, nehoo I got teh weeping demon came this morning, it looks beastly. The amount of nobs on it is anoying me though Im still fiddling with it to try and get a gd satriani tone for the crush of love, if anyone has found a gd satch wah setting please pm me or post a reply, until then I shall keep fiddling to try and get a gd sound
Ibanez S520ex (DiMarzio MoJo and PafJoe)
Peavey Bandit 112
Boss MT-2
Boss DD-3
Ibanez Weeping Demon