hi, i've been playing guitar in the last 5/6 years and now i feel that i need to upgrade my rig to one thing that probably last for the rest od my life.. coz as you'll find it really sucks =|.. right now im owning 1 ibanez rg470, a fender acoustic, a solid state fender fm212, an old peavey floor monitor, and that amp simulator the v-amp2. i use this mostly for the band training and for jamming.. (i dont gig too much).
the thing is... i need to upgrade all the equipment and obviosly i only can upgrade 1 think per time. i have some options and i hope you to help me with this. (important spec.. current founds: 1000$)
the fist option is to save some money and buy the jcm800 head (the reissue or an used one) or save lots (lol) and buy the mesa triple rectifier.
the 2nd one is save some money and buy a new guitar.. (prs single cut, mcarty)
and the last one is buying the tc electronics g-system or the g-force.
sugestions in the equipment is allowed lol

thanks in advance
id go for the jcm and a les paul.... cant beat that combo. ive heard a double cut mccarthy through a mesa dual rectifier roadking and the cleans are beautiful but the distorsion is nothing compared to a gibson and a marshall.
yap i think that i should search some mark iv samples mp3 coz i never heard it before but it seems to fit in my needs coz im looking for an hi-gain amp so i can build my tone based on the amp tone and just add some pedals or that gadget from tc electronics thats seems to be a nice one, i tried the g-system and also the boos gt-pro and i really liked both.
If you like the Triple Rec, go with a Dual rec or single rec unless you need to play really loud. Also The mark IV is voiced different than the rectifiers. If you like the recs then you may not like the mark IV. I own a rec and a mark III and I personally like them both. The rec is looser and better for downtuned stuff, while the mark is tighter and better for fast iron maidenish/metallica tones.

By the way, get an amp, not a new guitar.