Ok well heres what happened. My bro knocked my Epiphone Les paul over it slide across my wall before hittin the deck and the nack hittin a box. The box hit the neck just above the body. There dont appear to be any damage but is it worth gettin it looked at being a set neck. Action seems fine dont seem to have thrown anything off. Its just this is my first guitar with a set neck.
can you see any rips, tears or damage?
do you have less sustain than before?

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well if ur talking a plain cardboard box i doublt it did any damage
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if the neck is not broken, then dont fix it
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Hard Plastic Box. and no no visable damage. and it plays like before.Im quite paranoid about things like this mind
well then i doublt anythigns wrong, if u want you can take it in and get someone to look at it just to set your mind at ease if ur like hardcore freaking out
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if it sounds the same? and looks the same? then there's no need to worry, it's when it simply hits the floor face down like mine did and the pickup selector snaps off...THAT'S when you know something's wrong
does youre action seem a bit lower too?

that would lead me to believe the neck moved a bit.
it does yeh a bit yeh. It fell overside ways mind and got hit on the side of the neck where the neck joins the body
Its not worth taking in yet. Just adjust the truss rod, and check that the saddles are right, and the nut is ok, etc.

It's probably fine. I drop my guitars all the time.
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maybe youre just getting paranoid. When youre all paranoid and stuff, you start makign up issues. Just give it some time, it might not have a problem at all. I fyou dont clearly notice it, then it should be fine, just look out for noticable cracks and stuff like that. Anyway, good luck,

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be careful about getting paranoid, if you start screwing with truss rods and stuff even when your neck is perfectly adjusted, just because you thought it looked off while you were playing and jumping aorund and stuff during a gig, you can really screw up your guitar. If you let yourself get extremely paranoid about it you might accidently do something stupid, like play a toaster instead of your guitar, and not notice until the end of your set.
yeah, dont worry about it. ive dropped, hit, banged, and slapped the set necks on my epis so many times i cant count. they always come out right, and sometimes, like if i drop it, then i get a little paranoid, lookin at it i start to think that the strings look too high or low, or that they feel wrong, but it's all in ur head
When i read this, all i could hear in my head was the sound my guitar being knocked of it's stand onto my hard floor. That loud crack, and you think "oh crap, my neck snapped". Yea, it's happened many, MANY times. It would've been a lot more if it weren't for that little piece of rubber stretched across the stand holding the guitar in place.

I wouldn't worry if I were you. Although bringing your guitar in for a tune up is never a bad idea.
i hope your brother apoligized,unless he's a baby...

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Because of the amount of time my LP has fallen over the D & G tuners are a lot looser But it still stays in tune.
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moving on.... yea dude i'm pretty sure its just in your head.
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