well heres my delema,

the bassest in my band doesnt think we should do cover songs in our band. the rest of us think that we should play some. the only way we could do cover song is id we play some tool. and those songs are like long. im in a pickle here and would like some advice on what to do.
if you live in a fairly populated area start looking for a new bass player, cuz if bands don't have similar ideas thats when disagreements start happening
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Boot his ass out. Everyone does cover songs.
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Boot his ass out. Everyone does cover songs.

I would disagree. There are some elitists that think they should only play their own stuff.
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Tell him, "if big bands like <so and so> can do cover songs, why can't we?"

EDIT: Another thing I like to do is to play a song that's original and then randomly throw the chorus and one verse of the cover in there, if they are in the same key or have the same style of progression or whatever. That's a fun way to mess with the crowd a bit.
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try and encorage him into it.
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basically, if you go out and gig and play solely covers, the croud will be bored beyond belief! my band plays a hell of a lot of originals, but we make a point of never putting anymore than two together. For example, if we play a 5 song set we will play 3 covers and 2 originals, we are better known in some places and headline occasionaly in a couple of bars where we will play like 8-10 songs, where we will play 6 originals and 2 covers/7originals and 3 covers. But thats only because the croud knows us and likes us, if we were to play that many in a BRAND NEW venue that we've never played in then we base our set on covers and throw the odd original in.

So in summary (this is a long post as far as my posts go) If you want to become popular and well known, and get the opportunity for more gigs and longer setlists for originals etc. start off as everyone should do and do atleast SOME covers. it will help you in the long run, trust me
thanx for all the advice and ****. hopefully this stuff will help convice him to play some covers.