It's just like slide, but with a spoon coming out of the mouth.

That's pretty sweet though.
thats pretty damn cool
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i can't, but it was amazing, ill top em though ill do that wit a fork, lol
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just when i thought ive seen it all. lol. i was expecting a guy to use it as a pick or something. that was really cool. playing the rhythm and lead at the same time. if he could like tape it to his chin or something and then sing at the same time, i think i would give up guitar lol.

omg! imagine if when doing all that, he played bongos with his feet?!! ......that would be a little much.
impresive, most impresive, only prob is... im the one who taught him to do that ,
jk, im gonna try that
that video has been posted on here before... not surprisingly. great stuff though

That was very cool. I never understood what people meant by sliding, but I think I'm gonna look into it now.
That was pretty badass. Im gonna use a spork and pwn you all.
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