Ok I spent 2 nights on this, and I think its personally my best cover ... the vocals are a lil shaky at some points, Chris Martin has a damn high key... anyways I still like it... do you? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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I messed around on bass at a few parts for fun..
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Are you recording with a metronome or what? It also kinda sounds like that stuff is midi or sumtin. Good job tho cuz I also record all instruments for some of my songs and its hard to do nice job!
haha no metronome, i do it all wrong
last night i did the guitars, 2 rhytm, one left, one right, with a bit eq change, gives a nice full sound, then one guitar lead central, then tonight i did the bass and drums, (big mistake haha), then the vocals , i should have done drums first, but im not good enuf yet to do them with no music so screw that, so i played along with my guitar, and when i recorded the guitar at the start i just tapped my foot, haha its out of time here and there, and the drums are digital drums so they may sound a lil fake ya know. but thanks for listening really!
i use a digital fostex mr-8 recorder
Work to live, not live to work.
wow that sounds great as always, what kinda mic/gear do you use to record? cause that is great quality.

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love it,coldplay is a great band,i like them, and i like how you covered them, your seem to cover alot of great bands and song, your very good at playing....good job...
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omg.. sry dude but i don't like this so very much, you did way better covers.
i had the impression that the tracks were extremely out of sync with each other, but that's nothing that can't be fixed.
i recommend to work on it again.
Good Job man! I agree with the drums coming in after recording than before makes a lot of it seem off, but the drums is what fills in most of the song, so i'm glad you left them in. I wasn't too fond of the vocals, but maybe because I'm a huge Coldplay fan and you sang it a bit different....but I guess that's whay happens when you make it your own. The quality was nice, I really enjoyed the tone of the song. If you need some tabs for some of the extra guitar work (below) let me know.

If you don't mind, check out my Acoustic Version, :
nice instrumentalization, but I couldn't help but feel a lack of 'soul', not to sound like a cliche-happy american idol judge but it seemed like you were just 'singing', focusing on the timing and inflections instead of really 'feeling' it. Don't get me wrong, technically its great, just it seems to lack that 'spark'.

I loved the last part though, the instruments and the voice just came together so nicely there

oh, yeah, and I really liked your OLP cover, you sounded like a lot like raine there, and good job on those awesome vocal inflections if anything you've got some sweet sustain there, even though it was a little faster paced than the original song.
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