i just bought a few sets of those DR pure blues strings and i just had a few questions bout them. do they really last as long as they say and do they bend easier like they say? whats your opinion on them if you play them or ever have. thanks
Its all on what you like the feel of more,normally strings last from 3-5 months and its not like they cost allot of money so who cares how long they last as long as they sound good and feel good to you..
That's what I use too, ever since the guitar shop here stopped carrying Elixirs... I love em. They do bend easier, but im not sure they last a WHOLE lot longer.
ok thanks thats great! just as long as there not like some horrible string that breaks constantly lol. thanks!
They're great strings. You can actually do SRV with a les paul with them, neck pickup with some tone tweaking and a fender, great blues sound. They last a bit longer than normal strings, but I can't say how much longer because I replace them regularly anyway.