im looking for a new amp, i was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for me. I play classic rock for the most part, alittle metal and hard rock also. i have a epiphone lp standard if that helps. i was looking at the peavey valveking 112. Opinions?

o ya and i dont want to spend more than $650.
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DONT get a combo amp..

Thats all I have to say.

I would buy a good cab and maybe get a Crate Powerblock??

The powerblock acts as a 120 watt head and only costs around 200 bucks.

That leaves 450 for a cab? Yeah.
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unless you like having your back broken you should definatly get a combo and if you like classic rock you should not get a powerblock unless you use a modeller or a preamp.
How loud does it need to be
Is it for live shows, if so how big of shows.
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since my current amp is this crappy 10 watt tranzamp that sounds like crap i will use it for a practice amp, but there is a local coffee shop that i want to go down to and jam with people (and yes there are drums). so i guess ill be doing some small gigs with it. so probably around 50 watts i guess.
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Honestly for classic rock i would go with a Vox AC-30. Then just get an overdrive pedal to push it. You can't find a "good" amp under 800 though in general except for a Fender hot Rod Deville. But those have crappy distortion. DON'T get a crate. Don't get a Peavy. Anything that is over 100 watts means its a piece of really loud crap. I would pick a nice 15 watt tube amp over a 150 watt solid state anyday. Like my amp is 15 watt class A and its just as loud as any 100 watt solid state and most 60 watt class AB amps. So i would suggest saving for a Vox AC-30 or going to the New Fender Supersonics. Those are pretty rad too. Check used gear. you can find crazy good stuff at the used parts of guitar center and other places. Don't forget to haggle those sellers
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I don't think you could go wrong with a peavey classic 30 or 50 and an OD pedal if you need it
they have better tone than the valvekings and you could get a 30 used for about 350. a 50 will probably be in the 400s.
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