I ama guitarist, but I am interested in vintage effects and I really love Jaco. What was that sampler thing he used during his solos with Weather Report and Joni Mitchell?

What other effects did he use?
no idea what sampler thing he used is... but he did use no name brand fuzztone pedal with infinate repeat on it
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The famous "Jaco growl" is obtained by using the bridge pickup exclusively and plucking the strings close to it. Additionally, unlike most electric bassists before him, Jaco used the EQ (equalization) controls on his Acoustic Amplifiers to boost the midrange frequencies, thus accentuating the natural growling tone of his fretless passive Fender Jazz Bass and roundwound string combination. His tone was also colored by the use of a rackmount chorus effect (an offboard sound modification device similar to a phase shifter) which gave a slight doubling effect, and his exclusive use of the original Acoustic brand bass amplifier. He would often use the fuzz control built in on the Acoustic amp. Other effects he used live were his octaver (an offboard effect pedal which provides a 2nd tone an octave lower) and his MXR sampler pedal which can be heard on his live solo spot with Weather Report, 'Slang' (Jaco tastefully loops a short extract of playing, and then solos over it).

I found both of those tidbits of information from a Google search.

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His hands were probably his most obvious and noticable effect.

And he had a habit of plucking around the 12th fret.
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