Well I'm looking into buying something so I can record guitar on my computer. I'm either thinking about getting the Shure SM57 and pluging that just directly into my computer ( which will probably kill the quality) or getting something like a guitar port. I hear the guitar ports have nice tones for recording. What should I do?
guitar ports are ok, but there are better recording interfaces that are far more versatile. Look some of them up on musicians friend.
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k i dont know much
but i do know that in the music world
$100 will not really get you much quality

maybe in a guitar pick though
How is the toneport vs. the guitar port? cuz I could shell out another 30 bucks. I just want some halfway decent recording. Would buying the mic be a better investment?
Ok I had the same questions as you when I started out recording, but I get acceptable (by my standards) recording on the following equipment:

behringer pre-amp
Samson C03 mic

Easy setup: Mic > Pre-amp > Computer

These do the job just fine for me. With a pre-amp and a condenser mic you can experiment a lot to produce different sounds. The pre-amp acts as a halfway-house between the mic and the computer, it gives a much truer guitar tone, and you can adjust the input and output volumn levels, among other things.

Overall that cost me just under £100, which may be over your budget but it's something to consider.

It seems to me like the best thing to do would to get the mic and the tone port and plug the mic into the tone port so it bypasses the soundcard but sadly I can't afford that. Does anyone have anything they recorded with the toneport?
I own the Line 6 Toneport UX2, it's really nice if your up for tinkering with it, I've played around with plugging my electric into it and the sound quality is nice, just you really need to tinker with the knobs, so to speak.

I did record this acoustic song using a mic plugged into the Toneport, just so you can get a feel for the quality.

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the best way to record a guitar into your computer is to purchase a tascam us 122 which has 2 xlr inputs with phantom power and 2 jack inputs.

you can go straight with plugging to jack lead into the jack inputs, that will give a satisfactory sound but if you want the full enchillada then i sugest to purchase a sure sm58 and mic up the amp and use the xlr inputs. That always gives a better sound cuz you have the characteristics of the amp aswell
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the trick to rcording is usually the more you spend ,the better quality.100 is a little low for a soundcard and mic. I would say the toneport and a 57. This will make you able to record guitar with the amp plugins bundled with the toneport software or with the mic,and be able to do vocals with the mic.
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i got the toneport, it works well once you get the hang of it. i havent done too much work wiht micing my amp, but i hope to get recording again soon. check out my sig to hear what i did with toneport into Tracktion. it works pretty well, you can PM if you have any specific questions

EDIT: the few tests things i did do micing my amp sounded wonderful. yeah, guitar to amp to SHURE sm-57 to toneport to gearbox (comes with toneport, i turned off all the settings to get trhe purest tone i could) to traction. very good and clear.
Right well this is ALL down to how much you want to spend!!

I have never owned an amplifier... i just had a little jack lead that went into the line-in port.

However i've just purchased a V-amp 2 (similar to the pod2) for effects.

I record and mix in ACID.

However, M-Audio / Guitar Rig 2.0 is meant to be the best as its used by USB....

Its upto you!