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It seems like everyyhing is the same now. I've owned 3 guitars now and they have all been modeled after the strat. Im now buying something with a different shape but its modeled after the SG. I think its time for company's to start making different stuff. In the mean time does any one have suggestions on different but not ugly lookin guitars??
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why not buy a slab of wood and make your own design?
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yes, lets see you make one.
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strats are my fav shape, i wouldnt ever get a guitar with a diff shape.
^to anguses post, cause not everyone has the talent to or means to build their own guitar. you can look into BC Rich if your into metal (make sure its the the NT series) or look into Dean. They make the Dimebag tributes
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yea i'm not a big fan of the strat style body either. however, i do love the explorer style bodies. and V body style with shorter leg on one side.
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why not buy a slab of wood and make your own design?

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just get a v or an explorer or some of the dean shapes are pretty wild and or bc rich also if your so anoyyed with the shapes then why do u have 3 strats
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check out the "Scorpion project" in the gear building and customizing
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since hes not here and i actually know him i'll answer, because he gets impulses to buy a new guitar every three months
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what about Schecter, they have some decent body styles

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The Gretsch Bo Diddley signature is one of the best shaped guitars you can buy.
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BC Rich
Gibson (explorers, Vs, and firebirds)
ESP (EX series F series and AX series)
Jackson (V and Kelly)

those are all i can think of at the mo
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um. not really. at all.

Yeah. The horn it brought way forward, while the solid part on top is squashed way back. The rest of the body follows suit. I guess you have to be really imaginative.
get a jackson king v. or a kelly. oe some kind of esp or a les paul. or an sg. or a tele shape. or a bc rich. there are thousands of different shapes, your the one who has bought 3 strats
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Epiphone Coronet/Olympic looks pretty retro.

Umm, the Les Paul double cutaway isn't seen all that often.
^^ Yeah but the LP body style is just dying for a singlecut. If you want a doublecut LP, get a PRS. The 24-fret neck on the DC LP also causes the pickups to be closer, thus making it look bastardized.

I second the dude that said check out the Scorpion project.
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EXPLORER FTW so badass or a Flying V Badass aswell
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If you are looking for something different and used and you like ugly and/or offbeat guitars (which I do) you might look into some of the following instruments:

Gretsch BST1000, BST1500, BST2000, BST5000.

These guitars were called the Beast, and they were made late in the game during the Baldwin era of the Gretsch company (1968-1982) and they had DiMarzio pickups in them, although I would strongly recommend getting TV Jones TV'tron pickups, so that you get a Gretsch tone from it. (TV Jones TV'trons are basically Filtertrons that fit into a standard humbucker cavity and bezel.)

A Gretsch BST1000 recently sold on eBay for $530 and and there is one for sale right now on eBay.

If you want an ugly guitar, that still plays well and sounds great, there is always the Gretsch TK300 what an ugly ass guitar this was. There is one on eBay (eBay stores, not up for auction) but the guy wants way too much for it. He apparently thinks they are collectable which they are not. They cost less than $300 when they were new and anyone who pays more than $400 has probably lost his mind.

Like the Gretsch Beast, the TK300 had DiMarzio pickups on it. That coupled with the Marcel Duchamp-esque body style and the lack of the traditional Gretsch logo meant that the Gretsch guys hated this instrument. In fact, the TK300 and the Beast were among the reasons Chet Atkins bolted from Gretsch and signed on with Gibson.

The Ovation solid-bodies were something you might want to explore too. There is the Deacon, the Viper and the bizarre Breadwinner. The only problem I know of with them is the circuitry is based on a printed circuit card and I hear they aren't terribly reliable. It wouldn't be too much of a problem to rip all that crap out of there and just make it into a standard guitar circuit. If you are handy with a soldering iron and can read a print, you could get it done easily in one evening after work.

You might want to try a Guild S-70 , which was my main axe when I was gigging, but mine is extremely modified. They are weird looking. I actually sanded the upper rear point off so that it's rounded. Mine would be nicer looking if it wasn't so beat to sh*t.

The stock pickups on the S-70 are DiMarzios, but they hum worse than any pickups I have ever heard. I pulled them out right away and put Lace Sensors in.

You can also go the Smithereens route and try out Rickenbackers.

Just my two cents.
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Yeah. The horn it brought way forward, while the solid part on top is squashed way back. The rest of the body follows suit. I guess you have to be really imaginative.

If you are going to explain it like that, couldn't just about any guitar be "like" a les paul?
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If you are going to explain it like that, couldn't just about any guitar be "like" a les paul?

No. A Strat has 2 uneven cutaways and an SG has 2 even cutaways. The Tele looks about the same as a Les Paul.
An Explorer is completely angular and a Les Paul is round. I'd say that's a very major difference that makes it hard to see how they're like eachother. In an SG, you can fill in the top horn. What you get is essentially, a Les Paul. I guess you just have to be really imaginative
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I can see what you mean, but I think it's kind of weird that you can see the Les Paul in an Explorer but not in an SG, that's all.
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^I guess I am, then. Does anyone else see the Telecaster/Les Paul design in the Iceman?

no, the iceman is just ugly
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The Gretsch Bo Diddley signature is one of the best shaped guitars you can buy.

haha you mean the square shaped guitar? hell i want that!
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