Hey guys

I'm trying to make the guitar part of my song, but I'm having trouble. See, I've learned guitar ALOT through playing tabs, and have a bunch of friends teaching me different stuff. I havent learned music theory + scales yet, so I really don't know what kinds of note are happy/sad/angry and stuff. And that's where my problem is.

I love how Opeth has different songs, which like...Isolation Years is really sad...Windowpane is sort of mellow...you know alot of the songs portray feelings to me...

So my question is...what kinds of chords/finger picking techniques can I use to make my songs display certain moods? The song I already have lyrics for is kinda dark/angry...it's about a kid whos dad beats him after he comes home drunk...so I want to know what kinds of chords are sort of dark...

From my experience I've learned different chords/moods..here's my list so far :

E/Em = somewhat neutral
G = happy
D = happy
Dm = sad/angry
C = somewhat neutral
A = somewhat neutral

So following that same format, what chords show what mood?

Thanks for any help