Price range? Music you like to play/learn?

Agiles, some epiphones, Lower end gibsons, Ibanez guitars,
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sometimes you can find some really cheap stuff in pawn shops that are excellent quality most of the time, people buy them and then need the money right away, i know that in this town about an hour away from me all of these mexicans buy really expensive guitars, but then are behind on the rent or somthin and end up selling them after only having these brand new guitars for about a week or a month or so, usually its mia strats and bc riches

otherwise i would go for a mim fender or somthin like that, usualy if you look for a while you can find some excellent quality ones, and the most work you have to really do is change the strings and if you really hate the sound coming from it, you can change the pickups too, but neither of those are really that hard.
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second that motion for the g-400. Have one and i luv it! Just got sum 57 classics in it and man does this thing rock!
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