lol ya man, get something with surround sound, shut off the lights and try Pink Floyd - Time (It's what I'm listening to right now)
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Are you ****ing obsessed with drugs or something?

Every post of yours has been about drugs, man.

Anyways, just to satisfy you, try these types of bands...

The Grateful Dead
Iron Butterfly
The Jefferson Airplane
Quicksilver Messanger Service
Pink Floyd
Soft Machine

I don't do drugs, so I really can't tell you anything from experience, but these are psychedelic bands, which are usually "trippy".
Especially Pink Floyd stuff with the recently departed (R.I.P.) Syd Barrett, or any of his works, they were really trippy.
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Thank you heartbreaker. Sublime isn't even that trippy btw. On topic PINK FLOYD I don't do drugs but i can imagiune dsotm on drugs.
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Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles. Timothy Leary (guys who basically made tons of acid and had a large following) "recruited" John Lennon to write this song(according to wikipedia lol).
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Almost anything before DSOTM by Pink Floyd (almost anything by Pink Floyd...)
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