I'm kind of starting a band with my friends, one of htem being our bassist. However, our stuff is written in Standard B and we have a starter pack squier bass. Until we get him a decent five-string, we'll just play everything in standard, but he will need a better bass eventually.

So, we're looking for a 5-string that's decent for metal priced around $300-$400.
That Peavey seems like a good idea, good reviews, but both those links were for the exact same bass. Were you going to have another link for an ibanez or something?
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esp f-series.

All I found was a $200 made of agathis and a $700-something way out of our price range.

And metalstillsucks, do you know if that Ibanez comes in any other colors?
Its on that website... under the "options"
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Oh crap that's the only color. Well I guess it's more important if my friend likes the way it looks and plays since it'll be his.