Does anyone have any experience with the Epiphone PR5-E Acoustic Electric? I'd mainly be playing it acoustic, actually probably only acoustic, don't really care about it being electric too, but I really like how it has a cutaway, and I've read a few mf reviews, but they're so short.

I play everything from Bob Dylan to Johnny Cash to Led Zeppelin to Bright Eyes to James Blunt, etc

Basically I play any song I think sounds good.

So would this guitar fit me? I want to get in and try it out, but I don't when I could get over to Guitar Center.
My friend has it. I dont like it. (i think thats the one he has)

Its laminate and it feels like plywood in my hands (though i am comparing it to a 1k martin...

save up and get a cheap solid body (taylor 210, NOT a 110)

Vox AC30cc1
Peavey Transtube 112

Powerhouse strat with 3 lace sensors
Martin D16-GT

Crybaby Classic
Pro Co Rat 2
Phase 90
might as well go for an acoustic none electric for the same price but higher quality make if ur not gonna use the pickup