i dont no how to pickslide, i know its basically sliding the pick but do you like push down and if it matters what string, **** like that
just slide it down the string, don't push down on it. They're usually done on the thicker strings.

Or you could push on it, I may be wrong.
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slide the pick from the bridge up to as far as you on the e string... thats about it..
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with distortion lol or it will sound **** sauce lol
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normally the top 3 strings, Ead
but i slide it inbetween 2
also make sure you take ur time to learn it
cause if you do it too fast or too hard(stuff like that)
itll sound like **** lol
also you can do it on gbe but you have to push down...thats basically just playing down the fretboard using ur pic as a finger but it still sounds pretty cool if you can do it right.
oh yes
and DEFINATELY Make sure u use distortion^^^^ lol
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