I have the Dunlop crybaby wah model: GCB-95.

Its 9v DC. I have an adapter that I want to use. The one that dunlop says to use is this one... according to this picture its 200mA that I should be using.

The one I currently have has these specs...

Gemini AS-501 AC Adapter.

Input: 117V AC 60hz 6W
Output: 3,4,5,6,7.5,9,12v DC 300mA

Now I have the switch to 9v of course. Is the 200 vs 300mA a problem?

Last question too, I also have a switch on the adapter for polarity. Can I try both without worrying that if i get the polarity wrong that it would damage the pedal? If not, let me know and i'll give you more details.

Thanks guys.
200mili amp is the prefered one, but what the lady at Radio Shaq who sold me my power adapter said is that any of the power adapters only put out as much juice as the product its plugged into needs, so you can use any size you want
So if thats true, then what about the polarity? Sorry for all the questions, I just don't wanna blow up a fine instrument for no reason.
Take a look at this picture. The top one is the polarity diagram for the switches on the ac adapter. Below the red line is the diagram on the wah pedal for the adaptor plug in.

Which one should I use?
The bottom diagram, because your'e converting from AC (the wall plug) to DC (into the box). Get the right voltage and try not to go over on the mA