hey every body im going from denman island BC toguatemala in 12 days and im bringing my nice acoustic guitar with me. my question is how do i prepare it for the climate change( going to hot and damp in guatemala then cold and dry in alberta)?
ive heard stuff about putting a sliced potato in the case to absorb moisture, anything else? thanks
first off ive never heard the one about the potato, so be carefull with that. Next, just put it in a well sealed guitar case, close that bitch and latch it tight, and dont expose it to the extremes, first take it out inside a house or biulding where it wont face the cold or heat or whatever. Also, you should loosen the strings abit to compensate for expansion/contraction, basic physics
thanks ^^ its a cort parkwood with solid maple top, solid rosewood sides and back if that helps
yeah when you're not playing it seal it in its case. However make sure the case isn't exposed to direct sunlight or isn't in a humid room, as this will bake the guitar.

seriously: when travelling by coach, my guitar case was put near the engine, and when i took the guitar out, i couldn't even touch the tuning pegs without burning myself. so moral of the story: storing your guitar in its case alone wont protect it.

secondly because your guitar is all solid wood, it may be a good idea to buy a humidifier - forget about the potatoes

What would I do differently if I were to take my guitar from a fairly cold damp climate, to a hot, humid climate?