Hi, everyone. I am having an interesting problem with my the autonomy of my pinky and ring fingers. One of my favorite exercises from Petrucci's Rock Discipline DVD was one of the warmups, with the funky sounding chords. It's for stretching and finger autonomy. There is one move I can't do, though. Since I don't know how to post tabs in code, I'll try it this way. The exercise goes like this (high is to the left, low is to the right, with each finger never changing the fret it's on):

i m r p
i r m p

I have other problems in the exercise, but this one is the worst. When i try to do this, my pinky has an uncontrollable urge to curl up and down toward my palm about an inch or so, but regains full mobility once my ring finger is planted on its new string. I don't know if this is something that requires its own special exercise or attention, or if continuous practice will eventually eliminate the problem. I view this as a serious deficiency in my playing and I want to begin addressing it as soon as possible

Just play the exercise which highlights the problem over and over. But SLOWLY. VERY slowly. Watch every movement your pinky makes.... mine did/sometimes does the same thing. It takes a while to work it out, because the tendons between those fingers are linked pretty well. It takes some work to "undo" or get around this link.

Once again... SLOWLY. The work up in speed.

Looking for my India/Django.
It was kind of unlcear. Think of it this way. Put your index finger on the 9th fret, 1st string. Middle finger: 10th fret, 2nd string. Ring finger: 11th fret, 3rd string. Pinky: 4th fret, 12th string. Play the notes to make sure they are all clean. Then move your ring finger one string higher, and your middle finger one string lower (in terms of pitch). There's a lot more to the exercise, but that's the most problematic part.
where's your thumb at?
You should make sure it's directly behind the neck, prefferably in the middle.
Hold your hand out in front of you (fretting hand) with the palm facing directly up like your gonna get low five. Your fingers and thumb should be spread as far apart as they can be without using force to hold em there. Now point all your fingers directly toward the sky but leave the thumb heading off to the left (or right, if your left handed) Notice how your thumb is to the left, it should stay there when you grasp your guitar. It should land in the middle of the neck, pointing towards the headstock.
That's how i grasp the guitar.... I was doing it incorrectly at a stage which was making my little finger "flick" up and down as you described... Worked for me, hope it does for you. If the problem lasts a long time, get some lessons and get shown.
Fortunately, bad thumb position is a problem I corrected many moons ago. Thanks though
Try to stay relaxed. I think I have a similar problem where my pinky crunches up when i play octave sequences with my index and ring finger. If i just relax while I am doing the it seems to go limp and stay in a more natural position.
When I am doing some of the stretches (I'm stuck at the first stage of the exercise, with no empty frets between fingers. I want to get that down before I move up) my thumb gets a really tense, burning feeling, like weight-lifting type burn. I'm trying to keep it as relaxed as possible. I don't see it being a strength issue, as I've been doing barre chords for a long time now... unless strength and flexibility are related in some way, in which case, I'll have to take a lot of breaks