Ok well here is my sitiuation,

my birthda is coming up in about a month so im going to get some money for the grandparents. i will also be getting some money form my job. the thing is i dont want to have to save up a lot cuz i have to pay my insurance and all that crap. im looking to spend around 500-600. so heres what im looking at.

and agile al- 3000 prestige, i would upgrade the pickups.

thats really the only guitar that i have had in mind but i want a few other suggestions from some guys who know.

i play alot of hardcore, metlecore, metal and rock. im 90% sure im getting a peavey 5150 combo for my bday.

one more thing if i did get the agile would emg 81 in the neck and 60 in the bridge fit my style well?

THanx alot

GET a Schecter and replace with EMG's the guitars rock for metal
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**** the agile, go for a ESP LTD EC-400 or EC-500. They go for about that and come with EMG's. Plus the necks will kick the agiles ass. Or any other ESP LTD 400 series. Depending upon your shape preference
ok i play a ibanez rg170 right now ans the nick is really slim wich i here the are supposed to be the only thing is i have big hands and when i play my classical guitar its esier. so i was kinda thinking lps have thicker necks which might suit me better idk. any more suggestions are welcome. is there a place i can here some clips of those ESP's?
Uhhh, maybe musicians friend. And their necks are kinda of like a thin c shape. Which is thicker then ibanez's wizard and stand thin necks. The esp's necks kinda feel better cause you can grip it you know. Like a perfect sized woman. I promise you a 400 or better will meet your every expectation. And if you play metalcore etc then youll love these things. And all off the 400's will play sound the same. Just pick which one you want. The viper, the eclipse, the forest (f), anything. I play a truckster (james hetfields sig) which is basicly an delux eclipse but with a cooler finish and its amazing.
Sestem it wouldn't hurt to comine those posts and the agile sounds great with
EMGs my friends just installed them on his. The thicker neck is a little thick for
my liking but with big hands you shouldn't have any problem getting around it