I was thinking about getting this pack to start off. Its the squire P bass and 15 W fender amp with gig bag, etc.

Does anyone hav any thoughts about the package, and whether i should avoid it, or maybe i should buy the pack. If you once had this pack, what did u think of it?

That is all, Thanx in advance
In my experience, Squiers have been pretty decent beginner guitars/basses. If you already play guitar, and want to get a bass, I'd recommend going for something of a bit better quality. But if this is your first instrument, go for it.
Oh crap!
tf its a p bass go for it. Just make sure you dont get the bronco bass. That really sucks
squier bass packs are perfect for beginners. go for it
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I'd say go for it but look into the Yamaha pack as mentioned above.
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if you want a fanastic package look at the peaveys particularly the milestone IV! lovely bass cheap price!
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that pack is very good for one of the package deals, most deals like that kinda suck, but thats the bass i started on and i still play it
Hey man. I say you've got two choices. Look at some Squier P-Basses and see if you like the sound and the feel of the bass. Then look at some cheap Ibanez basses. Both of them are just great basses if you get the right ones. My P-Bass is easier to play than most other P-Basses I've played and it sounds just the same.
I use that pack and I think it's great for begginers.

P.S. I'm getting a Fender Rumble 100 for my B-day in less than a month!
yeah man that is an awesome pack if your starting out

expect to want to upgrade both the bass and amp once you become more experienced though
Squier's are excellent basses for those who are starting out. They offer a well rounded bass, and a brand name to trust. If you get enough money though, try getting a real fender, cause they're a great uprade.
I started with the Squier P-Bass pack, and I loved it. It's very good for a begginer, but down the line, you'll probably want something "nicer".