I want to look for amp there, since I work close, I was thinking either Orange or Vox, 15 or maybe a 30 watt amp.

You guys know any shops that would sell it on that street?

And how much roughly?

They sell a lot of guitars there but i havent seen many amps when ive been there.
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Was there the other week. They have tonnes of amps.

One of the shops has some good prices on Orange 10/15/30 solid state 'crush' combos.

Its the shop with a zakk wylde epiphone les paul in the window as well as a £5000 gibson les paul with flame fingerboard.

The orange crush combos are at the back and downsairs they have more orange stuff including a wall of 4x12's if your interested.

If your looking at Vox and 30W if youve got £650 go for the AC30.

Can you give some more detail on what time of amp you want is it a cheap practice amp or a small tube amp. And whats your budget?

If you want a better selection of Orange i believe their official showroom is quite close to centre point.
Practice Amp! Using it at home or maybe take to a friends house once in a while

So the Crush ones, were they quite cheap?

Or AD15VT etc
The 10W was £39, 15w £49 and the 30W £89

Not too bad. THose might be wrong but i they are close.
I always get my standard disposables from there, like strings and straps and stuff, but Denmark St is notorious for over pricing everything! i once went into Rock Stop and asked if there was any room to budge on one of their pedals that they were selling for £120 and they said absolutely nothing (i mean they cuold at least throw in a pick or something u noe) so i bought that pedal online delivered for £90.

Try virgin mega store on totts and oxford corner, it's got some soundslive music store or something in it, that's ok, like it's prices are pretty standard, they have a lot of marshalls and a lot of cheap solid state half stacks (obviously for the selling point).

My favourite shop on Denmark St would be Rockers, it's got really cool staff that are pretty laid back and will help you with whatever u need, plus they sell ESP's and LTD's (something that other shops don't seem to). A lot of the other shops on Denmark St have pretty arrogant staff as well, like i once went in to this place that 2 old guys ran and they treated me like absolute **** when i was trying to buy a strap for my gtar.
I was there before I was intrested in guitar but the memories of the place tells me its like HEAVEN!
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The 10W was £39, 15w £49 and the 30W £89

Not too bad. THose might be wrong but i they are close.

Cool, what shop is that?

Oh, they sell strap buttons as well right?
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well, sound control under the virgin megastore normally has vox (just off denmark street, on oxford street, about 50 yards away).

rose morris had the oranges last time I was there. rhoads music has quite a few amps too.
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