i just started 2 learn guitar notations, but i dont understand how to know wht exact fret you hit on tht string, say i get a notation saying i hit an e on the 1st string, there are several other e's, how do i know wht exact one i hit, plz help?
you just go for the one that gives you the sound you are looking for. Usually you can tell by the notation..the higher on the staff, the higher the 'e' you need to hit. Usually in notation, there are only two or maybe three notes you are going to hit that are named the same. On bass, I only use the first four frets of the top three strings, and then all the frets on the bottom string, just depending on where the note is positioned on the staff, tells me what fret to choice. I can't read notation on guitar yet, but I assume it's pretty similar.
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The third fret on the A string is middle C. Work from there.
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1. There are only so many places to play a certain e note on the guitar, the notation gives you both the note and its pitch.
2. One of the issues with notation for the guitar is that you can't really know what fret to hit, you just have to figure out the most comfortable one.
well a lot of the time its up to you but the notation will tell you what position you are playing in at some stage, it will indicate where there are open strings played, by a 0, what string by a no. and what finger by the pima method.
There will also be a C with a roman numeral after, this means to bar that particular fret, so for instance if you see Civ you will bar the fourth fret which lets you know that any notes you are playing will be around this position.