I'm considering buying EMG's, either then 81&85, 81%60 or 85&60.

what would you recommend and which one to the bridge and which one to the neck ?
iI put the 81 in the bridge position and the 85 in the neck in one of those double cutaway Ibanez's (black of course) that they're always selling for $189 and it sounds sweet, especially when you split them and have the volume on the bass pick-up on 5, the lead pick-up on 4. And Here's something funny . Sam Ash was selling both those pick-ups in a Zak Wild box for $250. But when I bought that guitar five years ago), I bought those same exact pick-ups for sixty bucks each and then installed for 80.
Axe Miester!
thanks, I was also thinking about 81/60, just asking opinion, thank you.

but where could I get 'em for 60$ ea ? does any online store does that ?

I live in Estonia and only possibility for me te get them here are 2009 kroons each, so that would be 160$ each :S

And I wonder where could I get them that cheap...
I live in New York City so I can stumble over to guitar Center and even the smaller stores on the way there. I bought them for that price five years ago but I can't think they'd go up that much in five years. I'll give you an answer as to what the price is here in the big City. He's right, one hundred each at Guitar Center, guess I lucked out back then. Sorry.
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there about a hundred each
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is it possible to put active pickups in a body that has not previously had active pickups....

bleh that didnt sound right

but does it cost much to install them..?

idunno if this makes a difference but i have an esp-ltd f250 and would it be "compatible"

sorry I'm a newb when it comes to active pickups
active pickups only take up more space because they have a battery pack with a 9-volt in it that goes near the pots, other than that they look the same as passives.

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