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last time i postd this it got closed due to my mistake. c4c. this is the first time i ever wrote any poem.
You had just seem too perfect that day i meet you
I just looked straight into your eyes and knew that it wasnt you,
It was the way you smiled that turned me on
one flash and bang i was gone.

I wanted you more than me
cause i thought we were destined to be
we talked for hours a strech
while you me and lay down in bed
thats wen i said that "i love you above all"
i could see a tickle and a tear pass by

when we woke up the next day
a beautiful angel lay in my bed
you seemed to be in a world free of misery
while laying just besides me
you were so beautiful, i almost cried
baby you know am that sensitive kinda guy

we walked by the riverside hand in hand
the picture so perfect with love and sunshine
as years pass by, the thought of you keep fading away
but i still remember us in that month of may
you look down on me from your star above
but even now i tell you " i love you above all".

-Kenneth J miranda.