Hey guys, I have a peavey valveking 212 amp and i can never get a good distortion sound out of it, but i know people have before, so can any of you hook me up with some settings for it?
Much appreciated
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If u want standard metal distortion start by raising your highs and lows to a couple notches below their maximum and drop the mids. standard rock distortion, you start raising the mids a bit. Also note that you may need an overdrive to get metal distortion from it.
You will need an OD pedal to push the amp for metal. It doesn't have enough gain without it. For EQ settings, just do what moose said.
i just use the metal preset in the manual and it works pretty well
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do NOT scoop the mids, boost them. you'll thank yourself when you actually cut through the mix.

and when i played the valve king it had plenty of gain for metal. you don't need everything super saturated to play metal.
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you're an asshole.
just drop the mids and add all the distortion and bass you can. im sick of people saying that scooped mids sound like crap, in fact, i might start a club.
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I hate that amp so much. you cant get a good distortion out of it

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just drop the mids and add all the distortion and bass you can. im sick of people saying that scooped mids sound like crap, in fact, i might start a club.

well you might think it sounds good, and thats all well and good. but you're going to have one hell of a time being heard if its more then just you playing.
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you're an asshole.
scooping the mids..sounds kool..but once u start playing with the rest of the band..u cant hear **** wut ur playing...
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Scooped mids sound great when you're by yourself, but it's been proven time and time again, it sounds like absolute ASS in a band setting. Why? Because you're inaudible.

Here's my valveking settings...for modern metal, metalcore...etc..This is the VK100, running through a 4x12 with V30s.

Treble - 2 o'clock
Mids - Noon, or a slight bit higher
Bass - 3 o'clock

Volume - 10 o'clock (band volume)
Gain - 3 o'clock
Gain boost - ON

Presence - 1 o'clock
Resonance - 11 o'clock

Texture - Class A/B (all the way to the right)

I have a BOSS GE-7 Graphic EQ in the loop, and I boost mid frequencies ever so slighty, cuts the highs a little and give it a bit a level boost to tighten it up . The end result is a very tight, thick, punchy rhythm tone that fits in great with my other guitarist's mesa rig. Blends in surprisingly well. I played out last week, and I got asked several times if I was running a 5150.

However, the tubes aren't stock in my head. Tungsol in V1, EH in the rest. And then SED Winged C 6L6GC's in the power section. Amp became some what brighter(Which is great, because I found the VK stock didn't really have a lot of treble, even when cranked, very dark) and gave it a lot more throat. Highs are crystal clear now as well.

I spent $700 to achieve this, and that's still less than what most 5150's go for now-a-days, and I have an amazing clean channel to boot.
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