Hey guys , ineed more help lol
i have a mt-2
my other guitarist says its always too extreme and stuff
but every time i set it to somethign different it sounds crappy.
the ones on bosses site dont work for me either.
Do any of you have some presets that work good?
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You have a Valveking and a Boss SD1. Crank the gain on the amp, then crank the level and gain (might wanna keep the gain on around 5-7) on the pedal and use it to boost the amps tone. That'll give you a metal tone that won't sound crappy
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try not to pull to much mid out. Keep it around 5-6 and put frequency at about 4, also, dont have the gain above 5 coz the sound just gets muddy and looses definition.
Try using your volume on your guitar and backing of a little to calm the sound down a bit.