Hi guys,

I never really used to like this band, but recently I'm just listening to it and I'm really enjoy it.

I think theyre quite underrated cos their music is actually really good, but I think it's their often vulgar sense of humour that people get put off by, but sometimes its really funny.

So, what's your guys take on this?

Got the new album, cos i really want to pick it up now!

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LOLLL. This band always made me laugh.
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yes! i heard bad touch for first time today in years. Actually just an awesome pop song.

Vulcanize the whoopie stick... in the ham wallet!!

Their cover of that oldies song "Along Comes Mary" was excellent.
Oh man, too many funny memories highlighted by their song's as the soundtrack.
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foxtrot uniform charlie kilo's a good song
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i hate this damned band.
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I like a little dance to The Bad Touch and Chasey Lain. Why not?
Can't say I know anymore songs than that, never exactly been a fan.
They are funny but then again they are kind of annoying...
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I maybe have to DL their first Cd and check it again. I think remember a song called "Mope" too or something? Maybe?

The cd is so old and worn out, it must be public domain by now
Bad Touch is hilarious and catchy

"I want to you smothered, want you covered, like my Waffle House hash browns"

other than that however I can't say i enjoy the band
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they have moments of brilliance, but it is really all one joke. Thr 1st 2 albums, Use Your Fingers and One Fierce Beer Coaster, are pretty gud, but since they have gone downhill. i reckon their best song is jackass from he jay and silent bob soundtrack
I didn't realize that they were pop-punk
They say the old woman's got the wisdom
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They're funny, just not something I would listen to, really.
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I didn't realize that they were pop-punk

They're genre is-ridiculous.
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the beat in Bad Touch is sooo awesome.

I just love this band to pieces in general. The new album is kinda ****ty though but they're still ****ing hilarious.

And wayyyyy better than the Vandals who try to be funny and fail...miserably.
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And wayyyyy better than the Vandals who try to be funny and fail...miserably.

Agreed, the only Vandals song that ever made me laugh was "My Girlfriend's Dead". Still, I'd rather listen to them than the Bloodhound Gang purely because I don't really dig the BHG sound(E.g Jimmy Pop's voice and the guitar tone).
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their awesome, one of the funniest bands ive ever heard
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i hate to bump an OLD thread, but i just saw them live tonight. absolutely awesome show. they were hilarious, and they sounded great. lets just say that Evil Jared chugged a pitcher of beer, puked it back up into the pitcher, chugged it again, puked it up once more, tried (unsuccessfully) to get Jimmy Pop to drink it, and then chugged it for a final time.


I like some of their stuff. never got into em too much.
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Nice band. The best part is the lyrics, the rest don't stand out that much.
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