So yeh iv managed to get recording n stuff on cubase, and when i playback on cubase it sounds great. However when i export it to windows media player it sounds aweful, all the levels are wrong and the guitar sounds really really ****, why is this??
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mANY THINGS MIGHT BE WRONG WITH YOUR RECORDING(sorry didnt know caps was on)

1.)You exported to something other than WAV
>2.)Your listening to it through computer speakers or cheap headphones
3.)Check your exporting options (especially if you use alot of plugins)
4.)your mediaplayer sucks

i'm guessing its #2 ( ihad the same problem)
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What are you exporting to? In addition to what's listed above, you could have your attributes to low if exporting as an mp3. I've found that exporting to 128 KBits/44.100 KHz sounds closest to my Cubase file.