Im looking to buy a new amp, but the problem is im an idiot...

Im looking online musiciansfriend.com and they are advertising a 100w marshall head for 2k$.

i dont know what this means, does the head itself have 100 watts?

please help...
Methinks you aren't really ready to be spending $2000 on an amp yet.
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it's output is 100W but depending on the powerage and ohmage of the cab that's not neccessarily what you get out.

No, you'll always get 100 watts. The actual loudness of an amp isn't dependent on the watts, though. Watts is a measurement of power, not volume.
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Yea i dont think your ready for a 100watt Marshall tube amp yet. Especially since you are only buying because of the name and stuff. You probably dont know the difference between tube and solid state. You probably have never even tried it. What kind of amp do you have now?