My band, with Audacity and I'm just asking for just genneral tips for getting a good sound? We are multitracking and i think we are going to do drums first, then bass, then rhythm guitar, then lead guitar, then lead vocals, then backing vocals- Anyone see a problem with this? Also is there anyway to not get any background noise, ive heard some bands but carpets under then amps to stop the sound going through the floor, is this true?


Just to add, we are going to be recoding Dying In Your Arms by Trivium

This is the right part of the forum yeah?
The oreder sounds fine to me. THere was a great article on recording earlier this week if you can find it. Uhh make sure myou mike distortion and i dont know about that carpet thing. Sounds reasonable to me.
Oh, you dont have any idea what forum it was on? Riffs and Recordings maybe?
carpets for drums deffo. Thats the right order. But depending on if the lead guitar is soloing while singer is meant to be singing then singing should go first.
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