great cover... i dont have any complaints. Great Job and keep it up, im definatly gonna keep looking back for new songs. Oh and is your brother Brian Bergeron, because i heard him play once and he is amazing!
Sounds great!! I've never heard this song before but I like it. Your guitar work is great and you have a delightful voice. Id give your performance a 9/10.
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Very nice! Very catchy, good uptempo song.
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What on earth is SRV?
love your voice, the actual tone of it, very soft...bit jack johnson like, great guitar work...and i've never heard this song before! 9/10 good cover.
That was my first time ever hearing that song, and you had me totally into it. Excellent job with the guitar and vocals. Nice work.
never heard the song before, but its definitely great. the vocals came in flat at certain points, but the guitar is great. overall 8.5/10
The Myspace music player doesn't quite work with my computer. (Maybe its the proxy), but I'd love to crit it if it were on dmusic or purevolume.
Sounds pretty good, the vocals are nice, guitar is nice too, the qualities a little rough but fine. Who is this song by originally?