so i kno 1 or 2 positions of my 7th, minor 7th, diminished 7th, major 7th

but can someone give me a site or tell me what others there are?

i kno thats alot of work to plot it all out, but i would really really appreciate it, since somehow no book or website i know of shows just positions

huge thanks in advance
oh wow

thanks man

in a way, tho, that kind of smacked me across the face,

thats ALOT to memorize lmao

thanks again tho
/\ yeah... that's a pretty ridiculous list ... good luck with that.

it's really better to understand a little about chord contruction and chord formulas.

in your post you said you knew a few dim7th chords... okay...

take a dim7th chord and lower any note one half- step , you now have a 7th chord (dominant ) who's root is the note that you lowered down to. make sense ?

out of that same dim7th chord you can create four different 7th chords.

next create an inversion of your original dim7th by moving the exact same chord shape up a minor 3rd ( 3 frets )

you can now build four new 7th chords out of that dim7th chord.

you can then move that dim7th chord up a minor third. you will have four dim7th inversions including your original , they will give you sixteen 7th chords.

if this makes sense to you and is of interest , building other chords from this system is quite easy .