can anybody help me? I have this:


is it really worth that much? any hendrix fans here? is this CD rare? mine is in mint condition and i dont particularly want it. I didnt think it was rare as it cost me £10, but i can hardly find mention of it on the internet, and it isnt on amazon and there seem to be hardly any copies anywhere.

does anybody know anything about this CD? is it worth listing it on ebay? how much would i get for it?

many thanks

(sorry if this is the wrong place to post this)

EDIT: checked amazon.com and some on marketplace were listed at $200
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I've honestly never seen that BoxSet before, but I believe I have heard of it.

If you can, try and find more sources of it on the internet to see if the price listed is very accurate.

If you really don't want the BoxSet, and it's worth the money, sell it, or else even hold on to it because it might be worth more money if the price appreciates.
well its not that i really dont want it, its just i need money, but if it doesnt go for much i'd rather hold on to it. ive searched the internet and i cant really find much about it at all, i was just hoping some hendrix fans knew something - could always list it on ebay but put the starting price as the minimum i would be prepared to part with it for
burn it to your comp. then sell it. And send me that while your at it that looks great. but I don't have 80 bucks right now.
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Have a look on eil.com
They list at collectors prices rather than ebay prices (ebay prices are usually a lot cheaper).
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dude id keep that **** 'cause if you cant find anything about it on the internet it must be rare i would hold onto it. sell something else