do hollow body electric guitar sounds almost like acoustic guitars when u plug em into the amp and put it on clean? is red dot by epiphone a good hollow body electric guitar?
I'm fairly certain that the Dot is only Semi-Hollow, which means it won't sound all that much like an acoustic .

You need a full hollowbody (like an Ibanez Artcore or an Epiphone Casino) to get what you are looking for.

They won't sound like an acoustic through an amp because the pickups used are different.
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Hollow bodys have a unique older classic rock sound to them. Im not sure about the epi though.
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yep they make leftys, they're really good, mine was £280, in dollars thats $420 i think. But value for money, its great, i recommend it.
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lets go back to red dot. is it a good guitar for the value? if idont plu it in and just play some stuff will it sounds anything like an acoustic gutar?
Won't sound anything near an acoustic guitar if it's not plugged in...

Or even if it is plugged in. It will sound like an electric guitar, but with a hollowbody tone.

Generally, hollowbodies are used for lighter distortion or clean sounds... I've heard the feedback is pretty nasty if you turn up the gain. Sadly I haven't had much experience with semi hollowbodies or hollowbodies... I've played a bunch but haven't had the chance to plug it in.
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