Ok my band is having a lotof problems recording. RIght now we are using a 12 channel Peavy XR 1200 PA with two 12 inch speakers and another speaker cabinet with 2 18 inch speakers in it I beleive. We are using a 4 track demo tape recorder. I know this isnt the best equipment but it should sound better than it does we are recording the drums micing each drum through the PA trying to customize each level so the levels are correct with the snare toms and cymbals and kick drum. THe problem were having is that every time we record the drums and play it back through the PA it sounds like crap it sounds like the drums are in a different room. WHen we try to turn the volume up it actually makes the weird noise like a boat in the oceans horn that kills our ears. Were not the best sound recording but we have gotten it to sound better before we moved the PA to another persons house to record and now you just cant hear the drums its not clear and way too deep sounding and we cant fix it....We are using LOW Z mics to mic the drums I realize they are condenser or drum mics but like I said they have sounded better before. DOes anyone have any suggestions or any helping thoughts?
i just use 1-2 mics for the whole set it works ok for me and dont keep them really close, u can always amplifie through editing
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