Hey im looking for some better sounding pickups for my Rg370DX. Right now it has stock ones (which I think are Infinities).

I want to get pups that are alot better sounding for metal/hardrock, but I dont want to spend A s*itload. As long as they sound noticably better. Ive been told not to get passive EMG's so I've been looking at some Seyour's and diamarzio's.

Random Question, I have really old strings on it, how much do string affect tone?
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Strings affect your tone A LOT! Replace those strings, and maybe get some EMGs or Seymore Duncans.
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i have that same guitar too but im getting an epiphone les paul and putting an invader in the bridge instead
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DiMarzio evolution's and PAF joe's are nice, especially for lead work. if you're looking for chunky rythem, look at seymor duncon jb's.

if your strings are really really old too, it can effect intonation. so i'd get those changed. my high e string was like a year old, and i play for like at least an hour a day. my intonation was like half a step off
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