They have one at my local guitar center used for $500 I play classic rock-metal like rush ted nugent, zeppelin, megadeth, are valvestates all tube and are they any good, I havn't got a chance to play it yet.
Valvestate are tube pre-amp and solid state power amp units. They sound decent but in my experence you could do better with a Traynor, Vox or Crate Palamino in the same price range.
Go to your shop, play it, find out for yourself if it's good.
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Play it. It may sound pretty good, but remember that valvestate really doesn't affect an amps overall tone at all. The tube preamp does very little to affect tone, as most of the signature warmth of tube tone comes from the power valves. If you like the VS, then you've essentially found a good solid state-state amp.
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I own a VS100 half stack... I bought it in 1999 I think.... its the closest thing to an all tube head! I like and have had no problems with it.... It sounds good both on stage in practice and doing recording!

I'm trying to save up for a Mesa Triple Rectifier, or Stiletto right now.... but I'm gonna be getting married soon so that kinda takes presidence, so for now the Marshall VS is good enough! I figure that if I'm gonna spend the money on a new amp there's no point in buying a $500 combo just to hold me over for six months.... I might as well wait and get the amp I really want the first time!!!!
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