I made a basic backing track and soloed over it. It begins with the melody, than eight choruses improvisation, than the melody again

Flame me, worship me, give me crit.. I don't mind. I'd just like a little bit of feedback from you guys And of course, I'll crit you back

Edit: I changed the url a bit: http://www.purevolume.com/elvenkindje
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sounds pretty cool, not very dynamics, try adding a few vibratos and stuff, it was pretty good though, umm you could have spaced out your notes alot
I thought it sounded nice and jazzy.

Like shred masta said, try and add some vibratos and other elements to it, and space out your notes a bit.

Honestly, I felt like your notes were spaced well.

The fact that it was a slower jazz allowed you to play continually without having to really stop.

If this was a case where it was more upbeat I would have recommended just making a bunch of runs, but you did fine.

Good job.
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To be honest your playing sounded a bit uninspired. Put some more dynamics and vibrato there. Maybe a few rests before the phrases. The backing track was mixed too low IMO. But hey, it was a good attempt.

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Really put some emotion into it man. The drum track wasn't mixed very well, but your playing got pretty good towards the middle. I suggest you put more dynamics as said by others, and put more slides even, as sliding is great for jazz. Good work nonetheless!

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The little percussion intro was sweet. I liked it. The guitar was just not suited for it. It needs more emotion to it. Its as though its just sitting there waiting for something to pass it by and notice it.

What's the backing track played on? Whatever it is, you need to raise the levels on it a bit so they can be heard a little clearer in the mix.

There's a couple of runs you do that are hitting me just right, but you still should raise the levels of the backing track... and the percussion too. The guitar melody is taking over the entire song.

Its not too bad though.

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its pretty good, although far from the best thing ive ever heard. i found it quite repetative. i agree that some of the things you are doing are perfect, but there are times where i just found myself switching off! i also agree witht he fact it has no emotion, maybe add some more bends and slides, and cut the track a bit shorter, as i find it drags. you can tell your not bad, just it needs a bit of work.

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i actually thought it was very good and against every one else i thought the mix was good. i think it sounded like the music they play in department stores to keep people relaxed and keep them there longer which it was kind of relaxing. what scales were you using? overall i thought it was very good

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by the style of ur song im guessing the one you would prefer is called just improvisation
I Think It Sounded Great. It's Very Relaxing Music. Great Job!!!!
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