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This might have been done before, but i couldn't find it. Anyway, which do you prefer Fender guitars or Gibson ones?

i myself prefer fender because when you throw it across the stage it doesnt snap at the neck like gibsons do.
and if you have enough money to "throw guitars across stages" tel me when ur having a show and ill come and catch it
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got a fender and an epi les paul.

i usually reach for the fender, but i like them both for different reasons.
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gibson, guitars are not meant to be thrown across stage, that's why they snap at the neck
Fender, necks are thinner and I like the soudn better.
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fender.........i've only played one of each n to be honest the gibson sucked
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Fender for sound and price, Gibson for sound and design.
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its old, good, but old lol
dont be confusing fender with squier
and dont confuse gibson with epiphone
totally different.
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Gibson because it has the curves of a women with nice round end ahh yeah.
oh and play better then a fender from my personal taste's.
Not comparable...
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They're not exactly comparable but I'd rather have a Standard Tele over a Standard Paul anyday. I just love the feel of Fender Teles not too keen on Strats though. But there only a coupler of guitars from each company but I prefer Fender out of those guitars.
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definately fender. i just like everything about it better. plus getting a fender doesn't always cost your left nut. even if that didn't matter, fender all the way.
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Fender, mainly because they have sexier looks, more models, and thinner nut radii.

EDIT: cheaper, too.
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Not comparable...

hes not asking you to compare, hes personally asking you, what you rather a strat or LP assuming were talking about strats and LP's.

EDIT:forgot to answer, I have nothing against LP's and maybe buying one later on but I like strats better, more sounds out of it, more comfortable and I just like em more in general
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fender because they're cheaper, sound better for the music i play and they look cooler
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Gibson. Gotta love the Explorers, Firebirds, and LPs
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i must have answered this one god knows how many times but it would have to be

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Fender...for the 3543543th time.

Better tone for the style of music I play, more comfortable, and more affordable.
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Nice work Fender, seriously.
if i dont have to care about money, gibson. if i do, fender. so in reality its a fender.
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I own a Gibson SG, and would like a Fender Strat. You don't have to like just one brand. However I do think Gibson LP's are overpriced. As does the rest of the free world.
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Gibson. Full stop.

Fender and Gibson

I've been playing my Mexi-Strat for 10 years or so and I love it. I love the sound of Gibsons too. I just bought an Ibanez RG321, but my next guitar will probably be an LP copy.
well, I have a epi SG, and a fender strat and tele (i don't play the tele much because its an original '71). and this summer, since i got the strat, i've played it more than the SG, so i say I prefer Fender more.
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it also depends on what kind of music you play, and what kind of sound you want from your guitar, but i still like gibson
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