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Boss GT-10(its the same as GT-8 but with a new solo feature)
4 50%
Boss GT-8
1 13%
Korg AX3000G
3 38%
Voters: 8.
Hey, 1st of all i'am new to the UG forums and i dont know where to post which thread(i did read the thread which gives information about UG forums to new users), so please dont mind if this is the wrong place..anyways i was going to buy a Boss GT-8(www.bossus.com) this week untill i saw the preview of Korg's AX3000G(www.korg.com) and now iam soooo confused between these two..i dont know much about GT-8 effects, but do about ax30000g(i love its new ESS system/effect or whatever)..everyone says that gt-8 is much better than ax3000g but both have the effects which i want(not sure though)..so help me out and tell me the difference between these two..why is gt-8 10000 times more popular than ax3000g..why is their so much of difference between the prices even though both are kinda supposed to be the same!!

P.S: oya i only want really heavy distortion and some cool sounds which i can play with..like the ESS feature of ax3000g..iam strictly going for the effects which will allow me to play Metallica and Nirvana songs(the main reason i need a guitar effects..yaya i know their are cheaper available still(you can still suggest me other effects though))and 1 more thing..i dont want a really complicated pedal with zillions of softwares, sounds vice versa..im not into making my own music or anything..its just a hobby to pass my time:P
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what kind of guitar and amo do you have by the way?? i have the GT-8 now but i was also tied up between those 2 multi-effect systems before
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i have a slammer guitar..and a normal Marshall amp(dunno which one) for practice..anywayz im going to buy the GT-8 today itself..lets hope its the right choice
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ok..bought it..hmm its gotta take me years to understand this thing(i did read the manual tho), anywayz now can anyone tell me the patch and bank for Nirvana songs..how about rape me and metallica's Fade to black??please