Index on low E string, middle on A string, ring finger on B string, and pinky on high E string?

Very common chord... it's also a G chord, not a Gmin chord.
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erm i cant really see the problem. Its very easy but if your having trouble strech your hands and maybe theyll grow or something i dont know. You must have like baby hands or something
Same fingerings still apply as I said earlier. I'm sure you're familiar with the barre form with that root note, 355333?
(Slightly outdated) Electronic and classical compositions by m'self: Check 'em out
^Yeah, that's a Gmin.

Same way you'd finger a Gmajor but shift your index to the first fret. If the stretch is too big, try doing the same shape 3 or 4 frets up to get used to it and slowly move up until the stretch becomes comfortable.
You could also try just shifting your thumb down and around the neck, i tried it and it feels a bit of a stretch but it fits and sounds out fairly well after repositioning my hand.
best bet is to play the barr-chord on that one!

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for reaching 1 on the A string try moving you thumb closer middle of the neck, if you are wrapping your thumb around the neck it will be much more uncomfortable
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It's not that bad... There are worse stretches.
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