well i was inspired by Calum_Barrow and im going to build a double neck, like the gibson SG style that Jimmy Page used. but before i start building i need to find out if there are any double neck blueprints on the web or if someone could send them to me, it would be greatly appreciated
You best bet would be real 1:1 templates, i am not sure on sites but I think they do them on ebay.
What I did was I used a normal Tele template and two A3 sheets of tracing paper. I used the centre line of the Tele plan and made two halves of the guitar, then I put them onto MDF and carbon printed them after thinking about how wide apart I want the necks. Then once I had got them transferred onto the MDF in the right place, I drew the middle section by hand to match the two halves up. 6 string neck was made using the Tele plans, and the 12 string neck is going to be made from knowledge, measuring my Hohner 12 string neck and measuring the 6 string neck. This is only because I am making necks that are pretty much completely different.

I suggest getting some SG plans and doing what I did, and for the necks they are pretty similar on an EDS-1275 so all you really need to change between them is the headstock size, nut width and heel width.

Any problems and you know where to find me (TBH, it's only like building two guitars but with a joined body)

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