Ok, so I have been playing for about 8 months. I was wondering if the type of pick makes a difference in the way you play. I have used about 10 or so different kinds (not sure if they were actually different makes and such, but at least different colors, I never payed much attention).

So my question, if they do make a difference, which would be the best to get for playing punk or for playing alternative rock?
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get used to one type, probably thinner than 1mm will do fine. once you change types after sticking to one kind for a while, you'll feel the difference.
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Yeah Pics do make a difference but i don't knwo what one would be better for anything. I just use the one i feel like using that day. lol. There are different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. I like punk music but i normally just play with my skull head shaped medium plectrum. Hope you find the right puck soon.
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Tortex triangles are good. They give a nice loud ring. I use Big Stubby's 3.0m and they have a low, warm bluesy sound.
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It makes a big difference. I use 3mm picks for a lot of stuff, but I mostly do blues style picking. If I'm playing lots of chords I use something much thinner. Try loads of different types and shapes until you find what feels best and sounds best for you.
Thickness doent make much difference in the sound, jus in how comfotable it is. Tits the bendyness that counts.

Thin, bendy picks are good for stmming, but they have a weak, empty sound. I hate the sound of them. Harder picks are harder to strum with, but have a bassier sound, wich i like.

Its your choice really. Down to personal preference
3mm is one thick plec. i can't play with anything about 1mm so for playing with a 3mm pick i salute you smb. lol
Absoloutly pick types matter a great deal.

For strumming....you need a really flexible pick...really light. For solo's/heavy riffs somthing thats pretty solid
Thanks for all of the answers everyone, they helped me

Ill probably stick with the light, flexible pick to alow for easy strumming since hitting single notes will be least important in our type of punk.
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I use Jim Dunlop Delrin 2.0mm picks! (those big triangle with rounded edges)
I also use 3mm jazz picks.

But I currently use CREDIT CARD PICKS. They are big, triangle, and finally, sharp edged (ouch for the speed, but I got used to it, when I get back to rounded edges, my god! I felt my speed

Ya, I am a fan of thick picks.
I (and most others) use thicker end (around 1 mm or up) for soloing and things like that, but for chords I like a little more bend so around .5 or so is what I use.