Ok, Im finally building a pedal, just a LPB-1 from www.smallbox.com, its nothing special just a amplifing pedal for practice, to see how everytihng works.

My quesitons are:
1) I cannot find a 830K resistor ANYWHERE. Can I use 820k?
2) Perfboard, not carried in smallbear, anywhere online I can get it?

If you can't find a resistor of a certant value you can put in a series of resistors that equal up to the resistor.

Like get a 500K resistor and a 380k resistor in series.

The forule in series is value+value+value+value. etc etc etc... = total value

Paralel is (value x value x value etc etc etc.. )/(value + value + value + etc etc etc.. ) = total value

The same applys for capacaters. Aslong as the polaritys face in the same direction. (If there is a polarity)
Yes you can use a 820k resistor, it's only a 1.2% difference, and it won't affect the circuit at all.

BTW fastbear, you have the formula for parallel resistance COMPLETELY wrong. It's only (value*value)/(value+value) for a 2 parallel resistance network. if you have anymore, you're going to have to cascade your equations, or use the 1/total = 1/r1 + 1/r2 + 1/r3 + ... + 1/rn
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