Ok so heres the deal I got me a standard strat and a hot head pedal and a fender 15 watt amp..no reverb and a 15 watt marshall amp with reverb..can anyone tell me how to get a cool surf sound like miserlou or anything surf rock?

sorry if this is the wrong thread
wuts surf rock? and miserlou?
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well you should ask in the gear and accessories forum.....but i dont know....
May cause death if user is an idiot.
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Not vibrato, tremelo. Easy to confuse.
Use lots of reverb, too. Not artificial, it needs to be spring.
I can't think of anyway to simulate reverb. Until you can get something with reverb, make sure you have your treble turned up and stick with the bridge pickup. Those are also major parts of a surf tone.
Bridge pickup, mids and treble on 10, bass at 3 or 4, reverb, gain around 4.
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The best surf rock in my opinion comes from as little gain as you can get without it being absolutely unnoticable, having a lot of middle, moderate treble, and moderate bass. Heavy gauge strings are a must for this type of rock. Bridge pickup. Lots of palm muting.
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I think vibrato would help alot to get a surf tone. I had a vibrato on my last fender amp, DSP-90 Deluuxe... I always thought it sounded Californiaish.
I dont have reverb on my fender amp so what about some settings on my marshall? bass contour treble reverb gain..gain volume???