As Eric Clapton is such a incredible guitarist, and top notch dude, I thought I'd make a only Clapton thread. There maybe other Clapton threads out there, but this is one where it is all about Clapton, and doesn't go flying off about something done by Robert Cray.

I would like to start this thread by saying that I feel Eric Clapton is the greatest guitarist of all time, as well as being my favourite. Anyone who disagrees, feel free to say so, but let's not flame or get out arses in out hands about, that is my OPINION. Enjoy this thread, and anyone who's been to a Clapton or Clapton related gig, share you experiences, I went to one recently, and it blew my mind.
Saw Clapton in 2004 at Madison Square Garden. Easily one of the greatest experiences of my life. When he opened with Let It Rain I thought nothing could be better. I'm a huge Clapton fan and is one of my biggest playing influences. I never get tired of hearing Let It Rain which is my favorite song of his.
i saw him in sheffield this curreny tour , it was fantastic. again, one of the best experiences of my life. his new album seems to be really underrated, i thought so tired was amazing.
So Tired is a damn good song. I saw him in May this year, it was awesome, he opened with Pretending, that was better than sex (well, nearly)
I've got a bootleg from May 25th I think it is and the live version of So Tired is just awesome. I love the studio version but the sound it has live just blew the studio away. Pretending has some awesome guitar work too(like most of his stuff)