Hey, Ive been playing guitar seriously for a little over 4 years and taking lessons most of that time and i just recently decided i want to start giving lessons. What kind of things do you have to consider before becoming a teacher? Im talking like how you are going to organize work for the student, a plan of what you are going to teach them, etc... Also any misc. advice would be helpful as well.

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start with all the chords in a small book, write little easy licks for them to play, then have them finish it. also a good thing to do is like you play the chrods and they improvise the rythem part in the same key and keep switching. have them write out a rythm part for each different key , it's good for starters
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i wouldn't even go that far, first i'd find out what kind of music they want to play and maybe a simple song they would like to learn, something that uses open chords or power chords so that they can do something simple and enjoy it, teach them that song and the open chords and just go from there, i've found that eventually guitarists will come around to learning different things at different times, not everyone wants to start out on metal and not everyone wants to do a jazz number, but usually after a while even the metal guitarists want to learn some jazz (but for whatever reason not too terribly many jazz guitarists want to learn metal.... hmmmm...... anyways....) however a lot of punkers aren't going to want to learn anything past powerchords(i speak from experience)
Make sure you know a good amount of theory first and how to read music. I would suggest starting them off on tab, and telling them the note names, so they don't have to worry about reading music at first. Once they can play at least the penatonic minor scale, teach them some songs, ask them what they like, or ask them to pick a song they might want to play. After a couple of months, start them in the Berklee Modern Metheod for Guitar Book 1. That'll teach em all the major scales. After that, teach them hoe to take those major scales, turn them minor, and all the modes. Also teach about harmonic minor, and melodic minor. After that, show them how to take those notes in a key, and make chords. Basic arpeggios first, and then the extensions.
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